Meet VooDoo Chef, Erik Youngs

VooDoo Chef, Erik Youngs, has over 35 years of experience in the Foodservice & Hospitality industry and currently works full-time as a Culinary Teacher at a public school in Hillsborough County. For over 25 years, he has been as a Culinary Educator and mentor in the seventh largest school district in the nation. He has worked at several different public schools and has made an impact on many students lives throughout Hillsborough County.

In every dish he makes, VooDoo Chef Erik incorporates his zingy signature edge by blending a passion for flavor and a love for rock n’ roll. Centered around his “Five Food Groups: Butter, Bacon, Caffeine, Carbs, and Bourbon,” VooDoo Chef Erik has a unique approach to cooking. After years spent in industry kitchens and teaching in the multiple classrooms, educator and mentor, he has fine-tuned this approach to food with VooDoo-fied cooking methods and rock star recipes. This inspired him to create his own signature seasonings and sauces, available to purchase on VooDooChef.com. In addition to cooking for fun and work, VooDoo Chef Erik also volunteers with local schools and organizations to serve people in need.

Driven by his two passions for education and the Foodservice & Hospitality industry, VooDoo Chef Erik created a foundation to make a difference and a long lasting impact within the community. When VooDoo Chef Erik is not teaching in the classroom or spending time with family, he is focused on supporting the community through the The VooDoo Chef Foundation. He is a dedicated leader and mentor within the community, and he is on a mission to provide for students and families who are in need.

VooDoo Chef Erik works with educational partners and local businesses to create culinary and education programs that are impactful and help create a viable workforce. He also hosts fundraisers and events to raise money to support the mission of the VooDoo Chef Foundation, which includes granting culinary scholarships to high school students in need. VooDoo Chef Erik makes a huge impact on lives through food, education and connection.

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