VooDoo Chef Foundation

The VooDoo Chef Foundation was established in 2017 with roots dating as far back as 2002. The Foundation was created by VooDoo Chef Erik to make an impact on the youth by inspiring with food and promoting education to those who aspire to have careers in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry. Our mission is to support our community through food and education by facilitating educational programs, helping students develop industry related skills, hosting charity VooDoo events and competitions, and providing equal opportunities to all students to those in need. We recognize the uniqueness and potential of all our students, and we inspire them to strive for excellence through food, education, and connection.

The VooDoo Foundation partners with schools, education programs, and local foodservice companies at all levels to promote continued education, develop industry related skills, and provide much needed scholarships to students looking to further their careers in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry. It is our goal to provide much needed food and education opportunities to students in the Greater Tampa Bay area and beyond, especially to those who lack the support and resources they need to excel. The VooDoo Chef Foundation is driven to make a direct impact on the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry through our three pillars of belief – Our Passion, Our Hope, Our Future! 

Our Passion

We are passionate about the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry and the diverse group of people it employs. With the support of our food and education programs, we promote culinary talent, encourage students to learn and excel, and create a viable workforce.

Our Hope

Our hope is to provide individuals the resources they need, including food and education. Education transforms lives and it can break the cycle that traps so many low income students. It is important to us that we make a difference in the community by inspiring them with food and education.

Our Future

Our Future depends on our present. The Foundation teams with Education Partners at all levels to promote continued education, help students develop industry related skills, and provide much needed scholarships to students looking to continue in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry.

How We Help

Culinary Scholarships

The VooDoo Chef Foundation has awarded $100,000 in culinary scholarships in the efforts to promote continued education and food.

Fundraisers & Events

We host a variety of charity events throughout the year to raise money to support The Foundation’s mission with food and education.

Education & Mentorship Programs

Our students go through detailed training, rigorous hands-on work, and traditional education courses as they aspire to grow and succeed.

Community Outreach

We provide food to over 3,000 families annually in the Hillsborough County and beyond. We are dedicated to helping our community with food.

Foodservice Training

Through training and education, we help students develop the necessary industry related skills to further their careers in the Foodservice industry.

Employment Assistance

We want our students to succeed no matter what culinary path they want to take. We help our students find employment when needed.

“I have supported the Foundation since inception and I can personally attest to the impact it has on the students of Tampa Bay.”

“The VooDoo Chef Foundation is an asset to aspiring Culinarians in many ways. The Foundation leads through mentorship, scholarship, education, and inspiration.”

“The Naomi Tidwell Scholarship helped my success. It gave me confidence that I have carried throughout my career! I am very honored to have been the first once to receive the scholarship.”

“If it wasn’t for Chef Youngs my passion may have been lost. Thanks to him and the VooDoo Foundation I was awarded almost $19,000.00 in scholarship making my dreams a reality.”

“I have worked with VooDoo Chef, Erik Youngs, to support the VooDoo Chef Foundation for a while and I am amazed what an impact The Foundation has on the Tampa Bay community. It’s inspiring to watch the students excel and succeed. Erik truly cares about each student he meets.”

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Meet the Founder,
VooDoo Chef Erik

VooDoo Chef, Erik Youngs, has over 35 years of experience in the Foodservice & Hospitality industry and currently works full-time as a Culinary Teacher in Hillsborough County. He has acted as a Culinary Educator for over 25 years in the seventh largest school district in the nation and he has made his impact at many public schools throughout Hillsborough County.

Driven by his two passions for teaching & education and the Foodservice & hospitality industry, VooDoo Chef Erik created a foundation to support his community through food and education. He is dedicated to make a difference on our community with culinary and education programs that are impactful and help create a viable workforce.

VooDoo Sponsors
& Supporters

The VooDoo Chef Foundation partners with all types of educational programs and foodservice & hospitality businesses to have a direct impact on our community and the industry. Overtime, we have connected and worked with many students, families, teachers and educators, chefs, restaurant owners, foodservice operators and local businesses to provide food, education, connection and resources to improve the lives of our students and community. Through your dedication and support, we are able to achieve many great things every year to grow the Foundation and support those in need. If you’re a true #VooDie and you want to get more involved with the VooDoo Chef Foundation, please visit our pages or contact us to learn more about how to become an ambassador or sponsor.